Today a stranger asked me if I was about to pop

What?!?! Who says that? I still have 2 months left until I “pop”, thank you.

I have completely failed at my goal of 2-3 blog posts a week but I am starting again today and the lady in the elevator at work w/ absolutely no social couth was my inspiration for today’s post:

The crazy, rude, or just annoying because I have heard them 100 times, things people have said to me since I have been pregnant: 

“Are you sure there is only ONE baby in there?!”

Stranger: “When are you due?”  Me: “December 28th”  Stranger: (while glancing at my belly) – “Really!?! That much longer??”

While looking at my huge belly: “I only gained 17 lbs with MY baby”. (I have had this multiple times with 15 & 16 lbs).

“Get all the sleep you can now!” Wow, thanks for that new and surprising piece of advice! As if I have not heard that from 15 other people in the past 3 days.

“Are you sure you should be eating that/drinking that/doing that?” I have received several variations of this. Unless you are a medical professional keep your freaking opinion to yourself! I am not an idiot.

“Labor was the most intense, grueling pain I’ve felt in my entire life. I’d rather die than go through labor again.” So I keep hearing! Thanks for reminding me. AGAIN. Very sweet of you.

As I am typing this a coworker walks up to my desk and says: “Are you dressing up for Halloween?” Me: “Not this year” Co-worker: “You could dress up as a giant pumpkin!”.

“You ARE going to breastfeed right?” How is that any of your business? For the record, yes I am, but if I wasn’t does that mean I am the devil or what??

“Raising your arms over your head will wrap the baby’s cord around her neck and strangle her!” Huh?? Excuse me?? So what you are telling me is that the muscles in my arms are now attached to the umbilical cord?? Uh huh. Okay.

“When *I* was pregnant I ran 5 miles all the way up until my last few weeks”.  Lah-dee-freaking-dah!! Good for you. I am going to go eat cookie.


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  1. i’d share a cookie with you and congratulate you on coming so far. just think about how much you’ve already accomplished – they baby will be here soon:)

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