I read my first two posts this morning and realized I sound a bit like a whiny brat

Is this the point where I am going to now tell you all the things I in fact LOVE about being pregnant? Hell no. Sorry. Get over it.

Instead I am going to break down a few more of the reasons why pregnancy sucks:

1. While I don’t love the way I look pregnant I don’t absolutely hate it. It’s not the belly or the weight gain that I hate as much as the impact the weight has on my  body. Specifically my energy and mobility. Getting up the stairs at our condo feels like climbing Mount Everest to me. I am out of breath halfway up the stairs! Sweeping and mopping our small condo causes a lower backache that just won’t quit. And this morning I had to ask my SO to tie my shoelaces for me because I can no longer reach them!!

2. Maternity clothes suck. Period. There is an attempt to make them fashionable and I appreciate that but at the end of the day pants with elastic waists and a big, stretchy black band are just not attractive. And you don’ t want to buy too many maternity clothes because (God willing) you won’t be able to wear them anymore a few months after the baby is born. So I am stuck wearing the same 3-4 pairs of stretchy pants and shirts every day.

3. Those of you that know me know that I am extremely independent and have been doing things on my own for a very long time. Ask my mom and dad about this and they will tell you the story of when I pretty much potty trained myself by deciding to change my own diaper. This resulted in the toilet, bathroom floor, walls, and ceiling (Mom might have been exaggerating a bit here) being covered in the contents of my diaper. The point is that I like doing things on my own and do not like asking for help. Being pregnant has completely destroyed my independence. My SO does so much for me and while I am endlessly grateful to him it is frustrating at times to not be able to do the things I used to. My energy level is no where near what it used to be. I am lucky if I accomplish 2 things off of my ever growing to do list each day.

4. Have you seen my vagina? Neither have I. Not in weeks. 

Don’t get me wrong people I am very excited to meet little Olivia come December. I love her immensely already. I just wish December would hurry the hell up!!!


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