No, I do not feel beautiful.

Last night sucked. My lower back was killing me and I absolutely could not find a comfortable position to sleep in. This morning I woke up and I feel great. Being pregnant is such a physical and emotional roller coaster!

Time to play a little catch up since I started this blog late into my pregnancy:

I am very thankful that thus far the third trimester has started out okay. As okay as anything about being pregnant can be! I have not been completely “comfortable” since about 10 weeks into this. I am NOT one of those women who  “loves being pregnant” and I don’t feel “so great and beautiful and radiant”. In fact I really dislike being pregnant. Gasp! I know, I am a disgrace to all pregnant women! But I felt like absolute shit the first trimester. I had it all – nausea, the most insane food aversions, killer headaches, and extreme fatigue. Not to mention it was like another person, a very mean and angry person, had taken over my soul. I was rude and snappy to my SO for absolutely no reason. I swear he deserves a medal for putting up with me the first 3 months. The second trimester I did not feel sick anymore. Great! BUT that does not mean that I loved anything about it. I can’t drink, I can’t eat sushi, I hate gaining weight, and I absolutely despise the way everyone stares at me!! I feel so awkward out in public. I have read about the symptoms of the third trimester and I guess I should be thankful that I do not (yet) have swelling, heartburn, leg cramps, varicose veins, or constipation. My shoulders hurt almost every day and my lower back pain comes and goes but neither is unbearable. That being said….I still do NOT find anything about being pregnant enjoyable. Okay, the thick and luxurious hair is nice but that’s about it. 

I read that the “nesting” phase starts late in the third trimester but I think I have already hit that. I feel like every inch of my house needs to be scrubbed clean. I consider myself a pretty good housekeeper and between my SO and I we keep up with things fairly well. But all of a sudden nothing feels clean enough. I want to scrub every baseboard, vacuum out the couches, dust anything I can find, and clean every surface of the bathrooms with bleach. Speaking of bleach….it smells so clean. I am obsessed. And Pine-Sol – I want to mop my floors everyday just to smell it.


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